The number of papers published is increasing every year about 8-9%, doubling the scientific output every 9 years. The competition and demand in all scientific areas is increasing year after year with a greater number or researchers publishing their papers and increasing their own publications volume. In the current scenario, only the highest quality papers are accepted by journals, and many of them are increasing their rejection rates due to space limitations in their scientific volumes with the increasing number of submissions.

Therefore, three pillars are essential key factors to succeed in the new research paradigm: i) Quality; ii) Excellency; and iii) Scientific Writing. With these three pillars, you will be able to publish your research outputs in high impact factor journals. Scientific Writing is paramount to expose and disseminate your research, and nowadays, a considerable percentage of rejected papers in high impact factor journals are due to low Scientific Writing Quality.

Hence, ReadyToPub is able to offer Scientific Writing Workshops and Intensive Courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese to Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers worldwide.


Workshop Intensive Course


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