Choosing the right Journal is somehow laborious and time consuming. A wrong choice can cost weeks or even months waiting for an Editor response. Therefore, the choice of the most appropriate journal to your paper saves you time, working hours and most of all laborious, formatting procedures to send it elsewhere.

do not choose a journal by chance


save time and working hours


avoid unnecessary and stressful rejections


avoid restarting the process over and over again


How it works

Paper evaluated by an expert in your scientific domain;

Delivery of a detailed report (Journal Selection Report) with the most appropriate journal(s);

Option to choose from 1 to 5 journals;

Journals within your impact factor expectations;

Positive points of your paper according to each Journal Selection Report, to better support your decision;

Turn-around time: 5 working days.


What we need from you

A complete and updated version of your paper;

Was the paper already evaluated by any journal(s)? Tell us the name(s) of the journal(s);

Editor comments if the paper has already been submitted;

Reviewers comments if the paper was reviewed;

Tell us if you want us to look journals with a specific range of impact factor value.


Order now


Save time and resources

Order a Journal Selection + Formatting and we will format your paper according to your selected journal suggested by ReadyToPub

Save US$40 by ordering both services as one


See also Journal Selection + Formatting


Note: The Journal Selection Reports provided by ReadyToPub do not guarantee the publication of the paper in the recommended journals. Publishing is a subjective process, therefore ReadyToPub does not guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication. However, if your paper is rejected by a journal suggested by ReadyToPub due to being out of Aims and Scopes, we will offer you a new Journal Selection Report.

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