In high impact factor journals, papers are sometimes rejected not due to their scientific component but because they are not in accordance with the style, format or guidelines of the journal.


At ReadyToPub, we do not allow your paper to be rejected for mere formalisms

Formatting is much more than adjusting references


Where and how we intervene in your paper


Addition of a running title if necessary;

Shortened title to respect maximum number of characters;

Abstract and keywords:

Adjustment of abstract to the maximum number of words;

Restructuration of your abstract in different sections if necessary;

Adjustment of the number of keywords;

Material and Methods/Experimental:

Reposition of the M&M/Experimental section according to journal;

Results and Discussion:

Notification if this section is separated or combined (ReadyToPub does not combine or separate Results and Discussion);


Complete format of citations and references;

Adjustment of maximum number of references (we will suggest which references can be eliminated);

Figures and Tables:

Most accurate placement of your figures and tables in the text;

Authors will be notified if figures and tables are not in accordance with journal guidelines (Figures & Tables edition can be requested in a separate service);

Authors will be notified if the maximum number of figures+tables is exceeded (suggestions will be given to solve this situation)

Supplementary sections and materials:

Highlights/Key messages format to maximum number of characters;

Revision and notification if supplementary figures and tables are not in accordance with journal guidelines (Figures & Tables edition can be requested in a separate service

Turnaround time: 5 days



What we need from you

A complete and updated version of your paper (including supplementary sections if applicable);

The journal where your paper will be submitted.


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