The Cover Letter is the first contact of an Editor with your paper. Succinctly, your Cover Letter should impact the Editor in order to convince him/her that your research output is valuable and should be published.

A good Cover Letter increases the success of a paper by reducing the probability of Rejection at the initial evaluation stage.


At ReadyToPub, we write a Professional Cover Letter in five essential paragraphs:

1. Presentation and importance of the work

2. Objectives presented clearly

3. Main results obtained and their innovation:

Why is your work innovative?

How does your work expand the current knowledge?

Results highlighted according to the selected journal

4. Primary conclusions:

Impact of the results obtained

Potential applications

5. Editor considerations.

Turnaround time: 3 working days


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What we need from you

A complete and updated version of your paper (including supplementary sections if applicable);

The journal where your paper will be submitted (for a journal specifically oriented Cover Letter).

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